Hossack Institute of Highland History: family launch July 31st, 2010




In honour of Mary and Hugh Murray Hossack (Hughie) and all Hossacks a Ceilidhossack was held at the Ramada Jarvis Hotel, Inverness in the Inverness suite on the 31st July, 2010 at which the Hossack Institute of Highland History was launched within the Hossack family.The following day, a first meeting of the Hossack Institute was held to discuss steps to move the Hossack Institute forward. Over the next year, formal steps will be taken to organize a dedicated Hossack Institute of Highland History web-site, a hub premises in Inverness and a programme of activities. It is expected that the public launch of the Hossack Institute of Highland History will take place next summer. In the meantime, the cousins Hossack will start to build Hossack Institute of Highland History site within the pages of the www.transportandsociety.com/hossackinstitute site.

The cousins Hossack, along with friends and colleagues, come together in giving social account of the Highland diaspora which saw the steady migration of family members out of Inverness in the search for work, the pursuit of education, the following of romance and the willingness to voyage. Technology now allows close contact over long distance and at Ceilidhossack, the widest range of family skyped with video image to our cousin Izzy in Australia in the middle of the ceilidh with full wall sized screen. At the ceildh, a family history wall run continuously throughout the event with images collected from family members through Picasa. Dead and living came together through generations in an extended form of Highland kin sociability. The Hossack Institute for Highland History will offer workshops in Inverness on the availability of the new technologies and on the techniques that can be used to enable each Highland family to be keeper and user of its own history. The next year promises to be a busy one as we get ourselves ready to raise our own standard but next summer will see the first public event with a photo swap workshop led by Margaret Grieco (nee Hossack) and Steve Little.

Photo histories:
  • Images of Ceilidhossack courtesy of Steve Blasdale here .

Contact email: margaret.grieco@gmail.com